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um hi im 18 and i had unprotected sex with a friend i already had my period that month but 3 days after i had sex there was this brown stuff n i went 2 the doctor and she said she doesnt think its my period she thinks i might be prenant so she did a test n it came out neg but it would of ne ways coz it was only 5 days after i had sex i had the brown stuff for like a week and then i started to bleed like a little i had bleeding for over 16 days it jus stopped and i know it wasnt my period coz i get my period every 5 weeks and it was 2 early for em n i had already had em dat month n i get bad pains n stuff but i had no pain n it was really light not like a period ne ways now my belly feels weird like its gettin tight n when i lay down i can tell its gettin hard its been 5 weeks since i had sex n im so scared i cant stop eating im always sleepin im so tired i get headaches n d first few weeks i felt really sick like i was gonna throw up n i was like weak im so scared coz i kno some 1 dat was bleeding for 2 weks n then a week l8er found out she was pregnant i kno we should of used protection but i was drunk n yer u kno how it is i wasnt thinking plz help me i cant tell my mum she will kill me n b so disapointed


Hey, I don't think your pregant. I bad the same problem once before. I didn't know what to do. And even this was while I had the implantation in my left arm. The doctor said that its not %100. I remember once before I had my period and a week after it stopped. Then I had sex and about a month after I got my period again but it went for almost 20 days. I was drained and very tired. I went to the Doctors and they said its a normal period. I was 17. I'm 18 npw and worried that I may be pregnant, I haven't had my period for about 2 and a half months. I'm getting fat. my boobs are always hurting. i always feel sick but never vomit. I can't even hold my alcohol down and also I'm a regular smoker and I can't smoke my ciggys or I start feeling sick?? oh ans also I still have the implantation in my arm.

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