I have had an early period in march it was suppose to come the 27th and it came the 19th really light I wore.a pad twice and panty liners.for the remainder of my menstrual. My period was suppose to come the 15th I stretched the time a day or 2 todays the 19th and still nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but I was very nauseous the past weekend and my nipples feel damp and the little holes show more and their aaaalllwwwaaayyysss hard...(tmi sorry) when my fiance and I have sex when he tries to go a little deeper it hurts and im always bloated. Ive had diarrhea when I was sick also. I eat alot!! I can eat now and be hungry 20minutes later and eat another meal no snack....im starting to not like chicken....but allllll my pregnancy test are negative......im trying to wait another week then make a doc appt when no period shows......anyone can help me please we r trying for another baby :)))))) we have a 2 yr old.