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Plz am tryin to c where my hymen is! Me and my bf had his penis rubbing mu clitoris wearing latex condoms .. But i bleed for 2 hours after that!!! He came no where near my vagina .. But why did i bleed ??!! I sit my legs wide open opening my labia minora bit all i can c is pink skin oval in shape inside my labia minora with no hole ??!!! .. Is this the hymen?? Or where is it located? PLZZ help!!


You cannot see your hymen, really. It is inside your vagina more, and it isn't a solid tissue. It's just a rim around the opening of your vagina.

If he was just rubbing your clitoris and had a condom on, I wouldn't be too concerned about pregnancy after that... where did you bleed from? He could have been rubbing your clitoris too hard and caused some sores there, but if you're bleeding from inside your vagina, you could have started your period?

As for your vaginal opening, it's difficult to see a "hole" because your vagina is like an uninflated balloon. When there is nothing in it, it is flat, but if you put something in it (a tampon, vibrator, penis, finger, etc) it stretches like a balloon would if you were to do the same to it.

I hope this helps! :)