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Im 18 and about 7 months ago I was pregnant. When i found out i was pregnant I didn't want the baby only for the reason that I knew I couldn't afford at the time to give that baby everything it wanted and needed but on the other hand I did want it because I can't wait to be a mother. I found out there was no baby and there was just an empty sac. My doctor told me that I could wait to miscarry or I could get a pill that would make me miscarry right away. So i took the pill thinking I would just miscarry faster and could move on. Then i read online that lots of doctors make a mistake and say theres an empty sac only because it's not far enough along. Since then I have felt very bad like maybe i killed my baby and the doctors made a mistake. Everytime I see someone pregnant or hear of one of my friends becoming pregnant a part of me feels sad and wants a child so badly. I don't know whats wrong with me and I don't wanna feel bad anymore. I don't know what to do.


Most doctors will look around your uterus quite a bit before making that call. They would have at least seen something there. 

Hun, never feel like it is your fault, I have gone through issues with pregnancy that called me to terminate, and sometimes there is nothing mroe you could have done. I understand completely how you feel about wanting a baby even though at the time you thought you couldnt handle it. They say a woman becomes a mom the moment she finds out she is pregnant. And I believe that is very true.

But you have to stay positive. Sometimes your body just knows that its not time for a baby and takes measures to prevent more stress on you. Just trust that what happened, was what was meant to happen. And someday, you will get a baby and it will be when you are fully ready for it.