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just want to know what i should do cause i just found out that i am but people tell me not to just quit cold turkey because it could also kill the baby so please some one give me some advice soon.And also is there something the doctor can give u to take instead of the pain meds so u wont feel like your dieing on top of  being pregnant please get back to me asap with help .


Find a reputable addiction medicine doctor who treats OB patients and go see them!  If you live near a big city or a teaching hospital, that would be a good place to look.   Ask your OB for a recommendation.  Any medicine you are taking is being passed to your baby.  How many are you taking?  Withdrawal is very dependent on the amount.  Withdrawal from one pill a day is different that 5 pills a day. There are doctors tapering pregnant patients off opiates now--for options after the opiates--there are opiate replacement medications (suboxone) and there is treatment.   I don't know your history at all but pain often goes away after people stop the meds....sounds wierd I know, but true!