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I have never pulled my foreskin back to clean my penis because if I think about it I just feel sick. The idea really makes me squeam! Is this something that is 100% nessecary or can I live my life without doing it? (not to sound too dramatic) What are the pros and cons of it?


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hey there why do yo feel squeemish
it is very important to pull back your foreskin because smegma (an oily smelly whitish substance ) can build up and caused an infection known as balanitis. also do you masturbate at all? can you ejaculate? if so then semen will get trapped under the foresking and also get gross, smelly and could cause infection. finally if you do not keep your foreskin and glans (head) clean it can increase your chances of getting penile cancer....

so yes it is necessary. have you ever tried to retract your foreskin either erect or with a flaccid penis? are you able to retract it at all?