Hello im aaron and i tend to bleed every now and then when i wipe,  around a year or so ago i visited my dr and was tested and was also told it was just a small cut, time passed and it kept bleeding, I did have some bad constipation for a week or two, but it has all passed now, but i still bleed, i do tent to push kinda hard and i find my self bleeding when i rush, today in the morning i bled again, it was on the toilet paper, but i didnt seem to see any blood in the water or on the Poop, i got a bit worried and started searching about this, a few hours passed and i was ready to go again, this  time i took my time and didnt push, ( their was no blood)  i have not had diarrhea for months,  i am also not constipated, im a male and am 17 years old. i have had no one in my family with this cancer and i prey im not the 1st :( Im really scared. i do tend to sit and play Alot, i am slightly overweight, i was planning on going a week on drinking alot more water, moving more and eating more fibres such as Prunes to see if that could help, if its not helping and i still find blood in my stool i will be visiting my doctor again. Can anyone tell me anything i need to know ? such as, can you only find blood on the paper if you have piles, or can having cancer show the blood on the paper . I also Do not feel any pain while Pooping even when their is some blood :/ Please help me