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Hello i'm new on here so bear with me%-)...i have suffered with constipation for quite a long time but this was worse than  any problems i have had previously, i went to the toilet 2 days ago didn't hurt at time but when i went to wipe myself noticed i had passed a lot of blood and blood clots, it freaked me out a bit but ignored it, like the id**t i am, but since then i have felt this uncomfortable pressure in my lower abdomen on the right side, it doesn't hurt unless i gently press over the area where i feel the pressure, and i have been struggling to pass gas . I am very worried as i am only 24, i have made an appointment to see doctor so i will just have to wait and see what they say, was hoping if anybody had experienced this or had any idea what it is?? 


Im actualy going through the problem right now but im getting the black stool why i am on this page it says eat cabbage garlic , 3 bananas a day and fruits and colored foods that are red and purple i am studying the same problem your going through its freaky but ay im in the same boat as you your not alone in this one brother. God bless you drink green tea not lots but Garlic and raw cabbage mixed with bananas is awesome for your stomache. bananas have a chemical to stop the infection from continue to grow. Well bless you again bro. just throwing my 2 cents in take care.