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Hey there,
I heard of this 1 day diet. What is this? How does it work? Are you on diet just for one day?! Does 1 day diet contains pills? Is it natural? I tried everything.. even diets in hospital… well trey worked, but I gained all weight back… I would really like to know some more about this!
Thanks for any information!


Hey, I tried 1 day diet already… it is on market for some time now, but they have improved it, so now it’s even better.
Well, you’re not on the diet just one day, but every other day is diet day and every other day is so called food day. Food day means you can eat whatever you like (your favourite food!). And when is diet day (also every other day) you are supposed to eat these special diet wafers, that you bought (they come in vanilla and chocolate flavour). Diet wafers are supposed to maintain blood glucose level and avoid hunger. You are supposed to eat every hour- 2 wafers per hour- 20 wafers per day. 1 Day Diet wafers contain natural sugar, found in most types of raw fruit and wafers contain natural dehydrated cane juice instead of fructose.
On diet days you can also eat fresh fruit. On diet day do not eat no sugar, alcohol, no fats, no soft drinks. Drink only black coffee (without sugar!). As you see, there is no pills and the producers claim the 1 day diet is all natural… but I don’t buy that stuff- it must be chemically elaborated (whey Protein, condensed milk,…) But it doesn’t contain stimulants, appetite-suppressant drugs, fat-blockers, stuff like Aspartame and others. Although pregnant women must consult their doctor.
The bought supply last for 14 days, since there is 140 wafers in one bottle. I guess 1 day diet is also recommendable for people with high cholesterol, since with 1 day diet (with wafers) there is no cholesterol daily intake.
The best with this diet is that if you don’t like the taste of these wafers or you don’t like these diet days that tell you what to eat, just remember that the next day is the food day and at that time you can eat whatever you like. And it is better to eat more than less. Because this is a very low calorie diet, it should only be used for one day at a time, that is why you are not supposed to consume any other hunger suppressants or alike. I only followed 1 day diet and lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks! I am still satisfied with the result!
Good luck with your one day diet!