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I am a virgin and I haven't had sex before, but last night I decided to try out a dildo, as I was curious. It wasn't very think and about 4 or 5 inches, but I didn't feel and pain or get any blood when I used it? My friends said that using one breaks your hymen and that you usually feel pain and that there's blood when it happens.  I've just turned 16 and I don't do a lot of exersize, though I used to do dancing and was very flexible when I was younger. Did the dildo break my hymen, or did it happen at a younger age due to all the stretching I was doing? Or has it just not broken yet? Please answer, thank you. 


It could be a few things.

  1. The dildo did not rupture your hymen and it is still intact. That could be for a few reasons:
    1. It was thin
    2. You were gentle
    3. Your hymen is tough or flexible
  2. The dildo did not rupture your hymen because it was already ruptured.
  3. The dildo did rupture your hymen but it did not bleed. A thinner hymen has a lower blood supply.

This was posted mid-December 2013, so what has happened since? Have you inspected yourself with a mirror?