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so i just lost my virginity two days ago,
im on birth control, didnt have birth control just started a week ago.

my stomach keeps gurgling ALOT and im REALLLYYYYY nervous that im pregnant or something :-((
we didnt use a condom but he didnt cum before or after at all..

any comments will help im nervous ://


you would not be pregnant yet. if you started birth control a week ago, you shouldn't have much to worry about. When starting birth control your body can take a week to a month to fully adjust to it, but generally your doctor will tell you about 7 days is how long it takes to start working in your body.

fertilization takes anywhere from 24-72 hours from the time sex happens. a man doesn't need to "cum" before or during sex in order to release any sperm. this can happen from pre-ejaculatory fluids.

after fertilization, implantation is the next step.. which is generally 7-12 days after conception (fertilization). after implantation you may feel cramping like a period cramp and also have some light spotting. about two to three days after implantation, you will have elevated hormone levels, which would be high enough to take a pregnancy test.
however, it is highly unlikely that your tummy gurgles are due to pregnancy.. its most likely your nerves or maybe you just have some indigestion. if you are still worried about being pregnant, take a home pregnancy test, or for more accurate results, go to your local clinic or planned parenthood and ask for a free pregnancy test or a blood test to more accurately detect the pregnancy hormone.

even though you are on birth control, it is still important to practice safe sex. birth control is only 99.9% effective when taken correctly!!! if you also use a condom, you are not only protecting yourself from STD's and HIV, you are giving yourself an extra barrier against that 0.01% chance that your birthcontrol may fail.