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I'm currently 10 days late on my period, I have a regular 31 day cycle and never late.

i took a HPT on day 4 it was negative then I another one on day 6 and that was also negative.

im so confused, I've had period pains for the past 12 days, constantly feel like I'm going to come on, but every time nothing happens. I've been extremely tired and really mad mood swings.

today is day 10 of being late and the period pains seem to have stopped but my boobs are a bit more tender and I have lots of bubbles ain't my stomach and wind :/

has anyone else experienced these symptoms and turned out to be pregnant :/

me and my partner have been trying for 2 years, he's just had a sperm analysis and he's in perfect help, so I guess it's me :( 

would really appreciate someone's advice :)


When I was pregnant with my daughter I had really bad madness mood swings, with her my HPT were very positive with 2 dark lines then I fell pregnant not long ago and with the HPT it was hard to tell 1 line was dark and the other was really faint and I took both of these test at the same time of both pregnancy at 6 weeks. My friends baby never showed up on a HPT and ended up going to get a blood test finding out she was 5 months pregnant, if your so regular I'd suggest to go to your local doctors and get a blood test done to be sure, good luck hope its positive news for you :)