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I don't know if people would consider college apart of a "healthy living," but oh well. I'm a sophomore in high school but I'm doing dual credit and in an academy where when I graduate I will get a diploma and have an associates degree already. I always wanted to become an actor but I know those chances are slim. Nonetheless, I'm looking for the best environmentally and academically college in California. Some colleges I have in mind are but not excluded to UCLA, USC, and Stanford. Also, I need help picking a major.. I don't know what to pick; I won't be wasting college on getting a degree in acting since that is by luck and doesn't require one. I'm probably planning to get a PhD in my major since I have two years of college done with right when I start up. I'm thinking of something such as HAZMAT and maybe bomb squad. Possibly law school to be a lawyer or something of that matter. Also, maybe a engineer.. I'm great with computers and our newly developing generations of devices. Anyways, I still have a way to go for thinking of all of this but the sooner the less stress on me as my time gets closer and closer. Thanks for any input. And no I'll probably not be in a Fraternity for I think it's a waste of money, and I rather not get drunk each night and grab a random STD from a random person.



I say, your college choice is related to being healthy :D

As a 26 year old i will give you my personal advice on what you should be studying. 

If you are good with computers, math...or so than you should, without a doubt, become a web / software developer. It might sound cliche , some might say "oh everyone is studying computer science" but no. That is not true. This is one of the highest paying jobs out there and definitely the coolest . 

I wish someone told me that when i was starting college. 

So bro, your quest is complete. You will be a software engineer :D Congratzz.