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Hi. I'm not sure if my girlfriend is pregnant so I thought I would just ask here and see what you guys think. Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex for the first time a few weeks ago really early in the morning but she took the morning after pill less than 24 hours later. We had sex unprotected again roughly a week later but I pulled out (I didn't actually reach orgasm either). The most recent time, about two weeks ago we did it with a condom, we are pretty sure it didn't have any holes and she started her period about a day later which lasted about four days. The thing is I am a little worried now because she's complaining about migraines. I got some painkillers from the pharmacy and while I was going through the symptoms she had, the person at the till asked if she was pregnant. Yesterday she noticed that she was going to the toilet more than usual. What do you guys think? She doesn't have any of the other factors: she doesn't have any cravings (we even agreed to give up chocolate for two weeks), her breasts aren't swollen or more tender, she doesn't show any signs of morning sickness or anything like that... but I don't know.  


I think you are overreacting. Migraines do not equal babies.  She got her period, so you most likely are fine.  You are jumping ahead in your explanation of why she is not pregnant though.  1st, cravings aren't gonna happen in the first week or two, before anyone knows they are pregnant.  2nd, swollen breasts or tenderness does not necessarily happen immediately, and honestly can happen any time during the moth pregnant or not.  Those aren't good examples of why she ISN'T pregnant.  However the person at the pharmacy could have been asking if she was pregnant, not paying attention to the symptoms, but instead not wanting to give a pain killer to a pregnant woman. Don't get jumbled with all the symptoms that may or MAY NOT mean a baby.  Pay attention to the reality.  Period, morning after pill, pulling out without orgasm (though that is not perfect either), condom.  You have taken enough precautions, if she is pregnant, it is meant to be, cuz goodness knows you tried to avoid it.