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Hey I am 16 and I am having a baby but to be honest I don't know how many weeks I have and I don't want the baby cause I will get in big trouble and I just need help to get this out of me... plz help me what should I do ? 


First dear, take a pregnancy test to see if you are really pregnant and definitely see a doctor. If you are pregnant, you have to tell your parents or at least another adult you trust. I know you're scared, but sometimes parents can be empathetic and understanding when their child is pregnant (if you don't think you can tell your parents, tell an adult you trust like a teacher or a councilor at your school.) Ok, before you do anything regarding what to do with your pregnancy, go see your local crisis pregnancy center. I know they've been labeled as "fake abortion clinics" but they are actually quite helpful. They have people there who can talk with you about your options and they can help you find one that works for you (if you see a pregnancy help medical clinic, you can receive prenatal services and yes, that includes ultrasounds.)