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Hi i am 17 and by boyfriends 18 

i guess i am pregnant idk but if i am do i need parents consulation for abortion 

i live in india 


Honestly, don't abort. Sometimes, after an abortion, a woman will come to regret it and it can lead to problems in her life (depression, anxiety attacks, ect.) Instead, look up crisis pregnancy centers. Those are places where women who are pregnant can receive advice on what to do and most provide free resources like diapers and bibs (I know that there are some in India.) Better yet, if you do look up crisis pregnancy centers or pregnancy help hotlines, call the number on their page for advice. Someone will be there to give you the help that you need and advice you need as well (also, I'm not sure what your family is like, but if your parents are understanding, tell them about this. Sometimes parents can be helpful and they'll love and support their kids in a challenge like this. And if you can't trust your parents, than tell another adult you trust.