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I had my baby in June, I was prescribed to subutex so when she came out, I decided to breastfeed so that she didn't have to withdraw all at once well I was in the process of being cut down so we could both do it without the pain and suffering. Then my breast milk stopped all the sudden its been two and a half weeks since she has had any. And two days ago she started crying alot and only sleepin like fifteen mins at a time squirming the whole time.. She jus seems so miserable and nothing helps is she going through withdraws that long after?? Because the two weeks she has been on formula she has been a great and happy ban all day now its hell. Please help


Dear chattycathy

You are experiencing side effects of subutex. Your baby too is undergoing side effects. May I suggest that you pump your breast to restore supply. Take some herbal preparations like Fenugreek for instance. Sending healing vibes, good wishes. Love and light