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My son has several health issues that seem to fight against each other with the treatments. He has asthma, psoriasis, rosacea, and he also has lymphedema in both legs and one arm. He has been taking the Enberel shot and is having alot of trouble with cellulitis in his arm. I have heard that the shot is very hard on your immune system and I am wondering if it would help to give him something to help build and strengthen his system. He is also currently with out medical coverage so we are trying to be cost effective. The Doctor's have not suggested seeing an Immunologist but I am wondering if it could be helpful? Also they have not been able to do anything to improve the rosacea, is there anything else you would suggest trying?


Yes, actually. 

The most cost effective things for an immune system boost are natural products that you can find anywhere. I'm talking about herbs. Some are more common, like garlic, peppermint and ginger, and your son might already be getting some of them through his diet. Others, like turmeric, green tea, and black cumin, can easily be added to his life to give his immune system a boost. 

Because of the multiple health issues, I'd check with his doctor first just in case. These herbs are used by people in their normal diet all the time though, so they are safe for most people.