Hi everyone,

I have a problem here. The other night I had what I thought was implantation bleeding. My menses always only lasys 3 days, the
'bleeding" was only enough to barely be seen on the toilet paper, it was a light pinkish color. I am usually on a28 day cycle. I have also had all the signs of pregnancy. Well for some strange reason I kept getting negatives on HPT's. My mother said well just use a few of you OPK's for the heck of it. Well they showed a pos for 5 days. Today the OPK is neg. Today is cycle day 35Too long for me) . Still having all the symtoms. swollen tender breasts, increased appitite, nausea, fatigue, headache, none of any of these ever subsides at all. I was just wondering who has been through this and what was your outcome? I went to the DR and all they said was wait a month and come back. The apparent implantation bleeding was about 2 days before my expected menses.