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Me and my husband are trying to conceive. I was expecting my period on 29th Nov but it was delayed and by 3th , bleeding started . Bleeding is not heavy but not spots.

Every time in my periods i feel the pain and cramps but this time nothing happens.

And normally my periods starts 1 day before expecting mensuration date. But this  i am 4 days late and i am confused is it Implantation bleeding Or Normal periods.


Please help me.

Thanks in advace. 


Hi Girl115! We've been TTC for 2 months now. Im having something similar happen to me too. My usual period starts heavy with cramps and stays that way for the first 2 days and lasts 3-5 days totally. My cycle lenght is 31-34 days.

This is what happened:

CD 31-Very light pink discharge with no bleeding at all overnight

CD32- No bleeding at all in the morning. Mild cramps in the afternoon with bleeding. Cramping lasted only 1-2 hrs and the bleeding lasted for 3-4 hrs and I only had brownish red discharge overnight

Today CD33- Redish brown discharge and no proper bleeding yet. Im stil waiting and checking myself so often:(


Im so confused:( Not sure if its implantation bleeding or regular menses gone whacky:(

Id like to know what happened with you. Hope all is well with you. Please do respond.

Thanks a ton!