We are a 31 year old married couple, since 2012 we've been trying for a baby and went to see a gyneacologist and were told my fallopian tubes were damaged and had a surgery in Nov 2012 and the Dr said chances of getting pregnant naturally after surgery are 1% slim we must consider IVF. But because we were shocked, angry plus confused and not ready for IVF plus we dont believe in conceiving any other way without the natural way. Now its 2015 and i have been told by old women (3 of grannies) at church in the past 2 weeks that i am pregnant they even check what i wear at church and if i have these big fashionable belts they force me to take them off coz they say ''IM HURTING THE BABY'' and i also feel pregnant and my husband is very excited, so we decided to buy home preg test and it was neg....i feel nausea, i pee a lot even though i dont drink lot of water, ive gained a lot of weight, my boobs are bigger and itchy, i feel sick like i have a FLUE, always tired and want to stay in bed, get tired of sitting in a chair coz my back sore once i sit more than 30minutes i must always have a pillow in the car, all my sexy dresses are smaller and tighter, my feel swallon (that is not new) as they always do when its too hot and i now have a swallon eye and Pharmacist said its allergy ... PLEASE HELP US we are so confused, we even heared that tubes do re-grow after some time, is it possible to be pregnant? Am i pregnant?