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Wow I can't believe the stories I am reading. I am 39 I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 19 they had to remove my right tube. I was told due to scarring my left tube was blocked eight years later I had surgery to try and un block it the surgery was not successful. Jan 2013 I washaving pain found out my left tube was dilated so I had to have it removed. I can't afford ivf and I have been devastated all of these years because I can't have a child. I started crying when I read these stories .God has the last say miracles do happen and this has given me hope and belief. THANK You ladies.


Hi Paige,

Unfortunately no you can't get pregnant naturally without fallopian tubes because the egg can't get through the fallopian tube and sperm can't get up. Maybe try to have that surgery to unblock your tube again? Or maybe adoption.