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I am currently in hospital just had my left tube removed from as result of ectopic pregnancy. I now have no fallopian tubes. I can not afford IVF is far too expensive.Im having trouble morning and accepting the fact that I may not have anymore children. I pray for peace, happiness and acceptance of this lost. I would sacrifice everything except my love for God,my child and currently family. I will give up my career, all material things that are have to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. I read post about women conceiving w ith fallopian tube and it give me hope. I ask that other mothers pray for me and pace me on Gods heart. For peace in coping with this situation bc its a heav burden. And I cant bear it alone.


Hello wooannshan

I am a woman myself and know how important it is to have one's own baby. I feel your loss, if you were in India I could have recommended several charitable institutions who help women like yourself. Self pity will only make it worse. So, stop being depressive about it. Please do not give up your career or material possessions. I pray that you find a kindhearted soul who can pay for IVF in your case. My prayers for you. Love and light