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My labia are both very inflammed and uncomfortable. How can I calm it and what is causing this? I am in my 3rd trimester with my second child and I have had many yeast infections throughout this pregnancy. Please help!


This too is probably yeast infection. What is your nutrition like? Are you paying attention to what you are easting and keeping your immune system healthy and strong. It is not so good that you have many yeast infection without pregnancy not to mention during pregnancy.
There must be something you are doing wrong….like using vaginal deodorants, washing or douching vagina excessively, wearing non-cotton panties or some of your yeast infections hasn’t been cleared completely. Also, hormonal changes during pregnancy could contribute to yeast overgrowth as well as sexual activities especially if your husband has infection as well and you too could be passing it back and forth to one another.

Considering you are pregnant, all of these problems you should be dealing with your gynecologist. They should prescribe you pregnancy safe antifungal creams that you have to take regularly and not skip days. Besides the antifungal treatment, you may want to soak in a cold bath for a few minutes if your symptoms are too heavy. I am not so sure that you would like that!

Yeast infection will not harm your child until s/he is in the womb. The problem is that you are approaching delivery period and yeast infection could pass onto a child during delivery. S/he may develop thrush-it is yeast infection in a newborn and babies may develop white patches in their mouths and throat and it is very annoying having to take your child to doctors all the time. So, make sure you have this cleared before your delivery.