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For the last week or so, I've been getting these little tickles in my
vagina, causing me to scratch it, which caused major pain and itching. It didnt stop until i washed it with cold water. I have never has sex so I dont knwo what's causing this. Please help me, im freaking out!


It sounds like yeast infection. The most common symptoms are swelling, redness, irritation, possibly pain, flaking and smelly thick vaginal discharge. Not all symptoms are always present of course.

Yeast infection is not caused by sexual contact. It occurs when yeast that regularly lives in vagina outnumbers bacteria that live inside as well. This can occur after antibiotic treatment, douching, using vaginal deodorants, or harsh detergents.

You need anti-fungal drugs to take care of the problem. It would be best if you saw a gynecologist and have this examined to make sure it is yeast infection or get your diagnosis.