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Would the saliva cause infection or itching in your vigina?
What causes vigina itching?
Why does the vigina hurt after intercouse?

Thank you.


Vagina should not hurt after intercourse. Maybe if there were stronger penetration, or something similar, otherwise it should not hurt. The pain could be psychological. IN order to get more information, you should right about what is happening to you. Otherwise, it is difficult to say!

Vagina usually itches when there is yeast infection. Yeast infection usually occurs after a prolonged antibiotic treatment when friendly bacteria are also killed in the vagina and there is an overgrowth of yeast. Symptoms that follow yeast infection are vaginal discharge, fishy odor, itching, redness….but not all are present all the time.
Yeast infection can also occur from washing deodorants, excessive vaginal washing or douching or vaginal sprays.

Other reasons for itching down there could be contact dermatitis, which means that the skin reacts to the contact of an irritant. This could be the dye on your panties if they are not white, it could be washing detergent, or whatever you have been placing down there.


vagina has a sensitive skin it might be itching after the contact of other liquids.before sex hav ur p***y get wet then hav intercouse if it is dry then it will hurt.