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Every two weeks I get really bad abdominal pain and it feels like my fallopian tubes are swollen and the pain gets worse when I go to the toilet and even worse when I have sex. I also get excessive thick white really smelly discharge. I thought it might be BV and have been treated for that but it has made no difference. Please I would like some help and ideas as it is making my sex life reallly difficult as my boyfriend says that I am disgusting and not cleaning my vagina properly which is not the case :'( -


I am NOT an expert but I have had similar issues. It sounds like you might have the mother of all yeast infections and that is not related to being unclean. It could just be from stress and/or allergies. And if the pain gets worse when you have sex it is probably because your boyfriend has a wild yeast infection too.

It is common for women to get them from men because men have almost no symptoms. It is also common, for the same reason, for a man to infect or re-infect his woman. Such things cannot be cured well unless sex is put off and both people are tested and treated for a yeast infection.

If that is what's wrong with you, it sounds advanced enough that is has become more internal or, perhaps, it started elsewhere, like in your intestine, and is "bleeding out" so to speak.

Stop eating bread, sugar, cheese, processed foods. Eat more garlic, turnips, broccoli, onion and also other fresh vegetables; lean meats with no sauces and spices such as oregano and garlic; yogurt with live/active culture helps some people immensely; drink lots of water and eat grapefruit, drink grapefruit juice.

Avoid sugary/sweet things and if you can get some grapefruit seed extract (nutrabiotic) from a health food store. It's best to get all three types if you can :liquid, capsule, pill. Because the liquid is best for the mouth, the throat, and for external cleansing; the pill is better for the stomach; and the capsule is better for cleaning out the intestines.

It tastes nasty, the liquid does, and it can burn you as it's concentrated so be careful and use only a few drops to mix with moisturizer or oil to apply externallly but you can also use it in toothpaste if your mouth feels like it's not getting clean enough.

Mix it with orange or grapefruit juice.

I suggest you start out slowly with making the changes and let your body work up to higher dosages of the grapefruit seed extract and garlic, if you have a job you wish to keep. But when you are at home for a few days you could really bombard yourself, so to speak, but give yourself a day to recover as if you do have a yeast infection of that nature then killing it off will make you feel, smell, and look bad .. temporarily. You'll know that's what it is, mainly by feeling worse for a while and then feeling better. Because there is a "die off reaction" from the yeast.

Using a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxiide in a large glass of water , on an empty stomach, helps with that reaction.

So, allegedly, does using coconut oil. I know it helps kill yeast, anyway. I don't know what it does regarding the "die off reaction".

I hope this has been helpful to you.