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About two years ago I got an ingrown hair in my upper pubic area. I popped the pimple that came with it, and it was sore for a few days. After a while a hard lump appeared under my skin. I read some forums and people said it would disappeared after a while so I ignored it. It's been two years now and it's still there and it's starting to bother me. It's like a hard ball under my skin that can roll around if I touch it. It is red or purple once in a while. Does anyone have any experience with this? How would I got about removing this?


Hi. I think the hard bump you are referring to could possibly be a swollen lymph node.  I had one on the inside of my leg for a while and thought it was an ingrown hair for a long time.  When I went in for my yearly female check up I asked the doctor and he agreed it was a swollen lymph node and recommended I don't shave that area.  It has been 2 years and it has finally gone down but has left a dark spot.  I still try not to shave over, around, or near it at all. From my experience, if you shave over the bump it will become infected.  Hope this helps!