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I have noticed several red looking bumps above my vagina, maybe around 10 or so, where the hair grows. They aren't large, and feel dry and kinda look lit pimples. I haven't shaved in a week, and the hair is growing back. Could that be the cause? I also shaved several times in one area; partially against the grain when I lay shaved a week ago. I read that's what causes it to become ingrown? It itches sometimes, but not too bad. I have not had intercourse, and I have never had an Std in the past. Any ideas? Should I be worried?



It definitely sounds like a case of ingrown hair.  Often times when you shave against the grain, you get a really close shave to some extent below the skin line.  When the hair begins to grow it may have difficulty making it through the layer of dead skin cells.  the hair will grow along the path of least resistance meaning it may grow within the epidermis.  Sometimes these ingrown hairs can become infected.  Try a little alcohol application on those spots and I think you'll find they will heal quickly..  Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body not just to pubic hair.