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I have a problem with an ingrown hair that occasionally forms a painful pimple like bump filled with puss on my cheek. When I popped it up before, I've found a hair curled inside. I'm really careful when shaving but this painful pimple occurs once in a while and it really bothers me. I have to shave myself, but I can't leave that one thick hair "standing out from the crowd". Is there any way to prevent this?



I'm going to have to mack an assumption here in that you are a male and female.  I don't know of too many females that shave their cheeks.  Obviously you are having a problem with an ingrown hair.  For the moment, let that hair grow out a little bit.  Do not shave it.  What you need to do is tweeze it and that way it will come out by the root.  when it regrows which will be some time later it will be able to come to the surface of your skin properly.  The more you tweeze those coarser hairs, the thinner and finer they become.  They will grown in less and can eventually disappear.  I happen to be a female.  I have never had an ingrown hair on my face and believe me I have a few coarse dark hairs hear and there that I have to pluck on a regular basis.  Just tweeze don't shave that hair.