In July 2018 I slipped in water and fell on a tile floor, severely injuring my knee and hip. My doctor sent me to a specialist who refused to examine my hip and insisted on concentrating on my knee. He said he didn't have a referral for my hip. He sent me to rehab, where after a few weeks they put weights on my leg and had me doing all kinds of exercises. The pain in my groin got worse and worse. Each time I saw the specialist I told him there was something wrong with my hip but he continued to ignore me, but sent me for an MRI on my knee, but not my HIP! After I finished rehab, the hip pain got worse and worse. I went back to the 'specialist' and asked him again to please send me for an MRI on my hip. He got angry and said something like, "There's nothing wrong! I don't know what you want me to do! The xray and MRI show there's nothing wrong!" I left and was in tears hobbling back to my car. I went back to my regular doctor and asked her for an MRI, and bless her heart---she sent me for one. The 'specialist' ignored my hip pain and I suffered for a YEAR because he had me doing exercises that made the pain much worse. The MRI diagnosis 3 weeks ago in August was transient osteoporosis in the femoral head, which I assume is from a fracture that wasn't allowed to heal and aggravated by intense exercise. My doctor also sent me for a bone scan last week and I got the same diagnosis. She's also setting me up with a different specialist. I've been in a wheelchair for about 3 months. I've read that transient osteoporosis will heal on it's own IF I stay off my feet, which I've done. I can tell I'm a little better because my foot doesn't swell if I sit in my wheelchair for more than 30 minutes. Until about 2 weeks ago, it started swelling if I sat upright for about 30 minutes. My question is: Will my hip likely continue to heal on it's own, if I continue to stay off my feet? Or will I probably have to have surgery? I've been taking calcium. Is there something else I should take to help the bone heal?