hi there!

i'm hoping you all will offer your opinion on my situation. i had an anterior approach total hip replacement done to my right side on 9/11/08. i am 38 years old with systemic CNS lupus, and alothough have been off and on steroids (prednisone) and chemo therapy treatments, i have had no bone health issues - AT ALL. (i get bone scan/density tests every 3 months). plus, i had had problems walking for about 8 months, but we all just figured(the doc convinced us that) it was due to undetected hip problem. also, i had a minor foot drop issue initially due to the CNS lupus.

we went to several ortho's and got 2nd and 3rd opinions. we did our research and chose my doc and the plus was that he had a great personality and great staff.

all went well until the moment i got up to walk around with PT's on the second day. i KNEW something was wrong, but i let it go because i just had surgery with swelling, stiffness, etc.. once they moved me to the rehab unit, my PT's notice my issues and measured me. i was measuring just shy of an inch difference in leg length on my right side. my walking was very difficult. the pt's called it 'valuting' and they were concerned about my ability to rehab, so they called my doc to request a heel lift, which he denied. he said that i just needed time to heel.

wel, my leg length difference was so pronounced that they fashioned one on their own (i measured 3/4 of an inch), and then i still had to use a cast boot. that finally gave me some kind of balance. plus, my foot drop issue had gotten worse, and now, i'm dragging it because of the length difference.

meanwhile my doc came to check on me in the hosp, and got really pissy with me about using the lift, saying that i have to let my leg adjust to it's "new situation", and to give it about 6 weeks. after a few more days of difficult rehabing, my pt's again requested a heel life frim him, which again he denied.

i just left it alone with him because i know in my gut that somethng is not right. so we went to see him at the 6wk mark and he xrayed me and did admit that he 'got me a little long'. according to him less than 1/2 an inch. even my home PT said it had to be jmore than that. anyway, he was incredibly dismissive, and wrote me script for a foot brace for the foot drop and, surprise! a heel lift! hubby and i were so upset!!

we asked him how this could have happend? my goodnes! he blamed it all on me and my health issues, that the foot drop had already existed. yes, but it was no where as near as bad as it is now! i can't tell you how upset i was, and still am.

i told him that he could have at least said he was sorry... not sorry because he's done something wrong, but sorry that this has happened, and here's what we can or cannot do to go forward. and that he's a surgeon, with tools, equipment, and gadgets at his disposal. all i have is my gut instinct. andit tell me that this is not right.

my next appointment with him is next week and i'm looking for information, any kind, that will help me understand what has happened, and if anything can be done to help. in addition to the leg lenght difference, the scar hurts badly and i'm numb on the hip on over towards the groin and down the inside of my leg. i also have severe pulling from my back down to my mid leg, front and back. it's like an uncomfortable stretch and there's no relief. no matter how i sit or lay. i also have bone/thigh pain too. i walk much worse than i did before and must lean forward, with my hip/butt sticking out. i cannot be without my walker (along with my heel ift and cast boot) , and must use a wheelchair when out and about because i can't manage to walk for very far anymore.

again, any help/insight about this situation i would greatly appreciate.

be well :-)