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Hello all, I have a particular problem with hypos. Help Urgent – low BG readings. I sometimes feel tired and confused. I have trouble concentrating on what I'm doing. I feel like I need to take a nap in the afternoon but I can't cause I'm at work. I try to take a walk a lunch time to perk me up a bit, but that makes me feel more tired. Is there something I can do about this. Does anyone else have this problem. I am a type 2 and I have heard that type 2s often have a problem with hypos. Is this true? I sure hope there's a way to get rid of this problem. When you're tired all the time, you lose motivation to do anything.


Hello, Low BG readings can really be a problem and I know how tired that can make you feel. You should have some sugar pills to take when your sugar levels are low. If you don't have any on you try some fruit juice. That will put some energy in your system to get you to your next meal. If necessary eat a snack after you take sugar pills. In the beginning, I found that worked for me. Before you walk at lunch time try to eat something first. You might want to bring a small cooler with you to work to keep your lunch and snacks in. That way you will have something healthy to eat. I was fortunate in that we had a lunch room with a big refrigerator and freezer. I could put stuff in there for a whole week. We had a stove and microwave as well. The first place I worked in didn't have these conveniences and that made lunch and snack times difficult. In fact, when I got my second job that was the first thing I asked about. I let them know I was diabetic and they didn't seem to have a problem with that. In fact, one of my coworkers is type 1. We often have a lot of things to share with each other not only in ideas but food as well.