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So my last menstrual period from what I for sure remember was around April 12-14 . Then I remember at around April 19-21 I had unprotected sex with the 1st guy. So I was assuming I was going to get my period the following month which was May around the 12-14. I had unprotected sex with the 2nd guy May 14 and the 15th. I never got my period.  I thought I was late on my period so I didn't think anything of it. I waited a couple days then realized I could possibly be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test may 23rd and it was positive . According to the doctor I was 5 weeks and 6 days. Does this mean the father is definitely the 1st guy ? 


Hi Selenee,

It is almost positively the first guy.

1.  You had sex around days 7-9 of your cycle with the first guy.  You'd normally ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle.  The egg can remain viable for up to about 48 hours.  Sperm can remain viable for up to about 5 days however.  That would be around day 12-14 of your cycle - near perfect timing.

2.  You didn't have a period in May.

3.  Having sex on May 14 and 15 you would likely NOT test positive 9 days later.  The tests are NOT immediate, they take about 14 days for them to become accurate.

4.  The date corresponds to an April period.

Hope it helps.