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I have been having the most awful pain in lower right abdomen(near pelvic bone around to back) for almost a year now..several surgeries in the past including two c sections three scope surgeries for ovarian cyst removal gallbladder removal as well as total hysterectomy a year ago due to volleyball size mass on left ovarie..all removal tests have come back with no signs of cancer luckily..have been to Er and several docs due to pain..ct scans blood work UPS the whole nine yards and the only answers I get are its not your appendix and we are finding anything that "looks dangerous"...the level of pain stops me in my tracks and has me in tears daily. I am only 41 years old and don't want to spend the next 40 plus years in this level of pain.



You've had a lot of surgery and of course C sections.  It's possible you are having bladder problems.  Your bladder might no be fully attached in place due to all the surgeries you've had and may be moving around and twisting.  If this is the case you need to see a doctor about this.  They can attach the bladder to secure.  This isn't uncommon for women who have been pregnant.  The fetus takes up so much space that your organs get pushed around big time.  They are tugged and pulled and kicked.  The connective tissue that holds organs in place may be baddly damaged and simply gone in some areas.  I don't know that that would show up on a scan where your lying on your back.  It might be noticeable when standing and perhaps moving.