MY name is kashif. i have   internal hemorrhoids  for sometime. now a days i dont bleed until i have very large stool because of  constipation. and usually i take care two three days, i get alright, but i have noticed now while have bowl movements i have a stretched like prolapsed hemorrhoids it does not give me any pain but i think in future if can be problem if had more pressure of that. please, advice me what i should do, i read one article on internet which speaks very highly about NATCM clinic in toronto. I  live in Melbourne, Australia. but after reading post by guest i am confused should i go to canada all the way for treatment  it will cost me alot, air plane ticket, then staying there? also do i have to go for check ups again?

i email my report to natcm clicnic, they replied with the report they think my treatment last for two week, but they will first examine me then can tell exactly? what you guys suggest on this forum