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What do you do when you have exhausted,almost all options to find a pain doctor to help me, I have intractable pain,along with severe fibromyalgia. I had surgery, for cervical stenosis, my surgery was in 2009, and I have been in severe pain since 2008. The doctors here think pain management means try anything, but give the least amount of drugs, I'm so tired,am I not doing something right??.What is worse is my body is showing signs of pain taking a toll on my organs, I'm showing signs of lupus but do not have it, along with other things I have read about chronic intractable pain disease,I'm bed bound, it hurts to shower, to, dress , to fix anything to eat, and the only time I leave home is to go to doctor. I don't understand how doctors can be so cruel, I have changed doctors, with my primary doctors advice,and I have ended up getting many mini epiderals, and have roughed it through pysical therapy, nothing came close to helping the mini epiderals made my neck worse, I look back and think about the fact I have felt this way since 2008 till now, that is a long long time to be in severe pain. I used to be an active vibrant, woman with 2 jobs.My husband is my incentive to keep trying, he supports me emotionally,but even with that I get discouraged. I'm get really tired of people saying it will be ok,after all when you have heard that since 2008, you kinda don't believe it anymore. If anyone out there has any advice on how to deal with these doctors HELP


Have you been referred to a pain management center or pain clinic?  I know it sounds odd when you're in pain, but some of what you feel is your mind learning pain is the normal and 'right' state.  Fixing that is specialized and needs more than drugs or normal pain rehab.