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The last three periods have been extremely strange, they're almost completely brown the entire time, it stays relatively light for about seven days,little to no "normal" clotting but the strange part is that it looks like someone dumped black ground pepper into it. It's enough to be scary, if I had to guess i'd say it was about a table spoon's worth every time I change a pad (light enough to change every 8 hours without problem.). I have had a history of ovarian cysts, starting at age 14 and staying until 17, pill (Ortho-tri) was unsuccessful and with bad side effects-bad enough not to try another pill, at age 18 I had a late growth spurt in which doctors said I "evened out" as far as hormones. 1st day cramps are awful, if midol is taken at the first sign of period cramps stop after one day, if midol is not taken on the first day cramps continue for seven days, even if taken on the second day, midol will have to be taken every day after in order for cramps to disappear.

No STD's.
Do not Douche.
Do not use tampons unless swimming or nothing else available.
Do not stick anything strange, foreign or man-made in vagina.
Use condoms 90% of the time.
Do not have sex while on period.
Have not been out of the country.
Have never been pregnant.
Have no reason to believe I am pregnant now. The last three periods have been regular as far as time, not content. Intercourse last month. Safe.
Have never had major injury to internal organs.
Have never undergone surgery.
Have not had any body piercings in the last two years.
Have not had any tattoo's ever.
Vegetarian. 6 years. (One-a-day multi-vitamin, vitamin c, and protein supplements.)
Have been raped much prior to symptoms but have no major signs of permanent damage. No rips, no scars.
Slight problem with blood sugar, regulated by diet, no insulin needed.
No illegal drugs.
Was an alcoholic for three years prior.
Smoke 1 pack Marlboro ultra light 100's a day.
(I know it's not healthy, I'm giving all the info I can, as far as the rest of the health i'm working on getting better and quitting smoking.)

I just want to know if this is something I should be worried about.


Hey, I see this was posted about a year ago. I was curious if you got an answer. I just started using a menstrual cup, and this is exactly how my blood is right now. I have never had this issue before and it wad pretty surprising to say the least.


Yup, this is what i'v just had, or at least i think it is, more like poppy seeds or sprinkles, weird