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Over the past month or so I have developed an itching sensation inside of my belly button, if I scratch it, it gets really red and rashy looking and also seems to seep a bit. I also have a mole on the inside of my left thigh that seems to irritate and redden easliy also. On the shaft of my penis, the skin sometimes reddens and becomes flaky, but doesnt' show any signs of welts or anything of that nature. I have been using an antifungal cream which really seems to be helping the itching sensation in my belly button, which in turn seems to cure the redness around the mole. Just curious as to what this might be and if I should seek medical attention for it.

I have had only two sex partners in my life, one being my wife and thee other being someone I made a very big mistake with approximately 13 months ago. I had never shown any signs of problems what so ever until recently. Please somebody help.


I don’t think this is a sign of an STD in case you are concerned about that.

The rash around your belly may be an irritation from the button or something. I get these from time to time but then I don’t think it is connected with the other problems.

But it could also be any of the skin problems. Did you know that there are over 2000 skin conditions like eczema and > 1999 others? I suggest you had that checked with a dermatologist. Good luck!