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Now I know the best way to deal with this is to just get a test but I can't do that right now, and I would really like some peace of mind which ever the anwser my be. So This last week me and my boyfriend sort of got into an agruement and because I wouldn't tell him exactly what was wrong with me, he thought that I was pregnant and didn't want to tell h im. Well since he asked me that question I've been having symptoms. So I really believe it's my mind playing tricks, but at the same time it could just be me finally seeing the signs. Well this is my back story if it helps any, I written down everytime me and my boyfriend had sex, and it was always with a condom, but once on the 13th of november of this year, we noticed there was a rip. Following that day as soon as I got home I took the morning after pill, exactlly as i was told to. I haven't had my period since about august. And I've never had a regular period since I started having them. By calculating the days I would either be 17 weeks at the most or 3 weeks at the least. But I never had all of the regular symptoms. Also I have horrible digustion due to my acid refluxs, which cause me to be bloated depending on what I eat. So you can somewhat see my problem. Most symptoms of pregnancy I have without being pregant or so I thought. The only symptoms I've had today have been tender nipples, I'm not sure if they are darker or bigger, but they were very senistive, my stomach is bigger then normal, and its really firm, of course I haven't had my period or spotting, havent had the morning sickness, or change in food wants. So am I making myself have these symptoms because I think I'm soppose to?


It IS possible to pysch yourself into mimicking pregnancy, but the definitive answer is to get a test.

If you are truely that far along, you need to be seeing a doctor about your condition, and I would not wait.

Sounds like you have been responsible with use of condoms and a morning after pill, but I'd still go get a check=up.

Have you considered using a home pregnancy test kit? EPT tests are commonly available and should give you an accurate result now.