I have PCOS. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago with very light positive pregnancy test. My question is, is possible to have PCOS, be pregnant, have light blessing and negative tests? Everyone is telling me Im not, but I have been sick for a month, I have been dizzy, my 'period was 2 weeks late and has only been light when normally its heavy and lasts 5-7 days (this one lasted 2) my symptoms started with extremely sore breasts 4 weeks ago. It felt like I had been lifting weights for a week. My nipples are so sore a seat belt hurts and they itch like crazy. Today I noticed my nipples are darker. I went to the DR for a blood test but it came back negative and the DR said its possible its too early to tell. When this 'period started I had pains in my belly button and right side. I called my OB and his MA said its just a bad period and a cyst, but every other time I had one of those the bleeding was so bad I went through a super plus tampon and pad every 1-2 hours. This bleeding this month was so light I didn't even need any sort of product, there's barely any blood when wiping. . Is this possible or is it all in my head? And how do I get my Dr to listen because I know something is going on, pregnant or not.