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My boyfriend and I had been friends for several years and it was a purely sexual relationship although we didn't see each other regularly but of late it has become more serious. He is now living with me but he shows no affection and doesn't initiate sex, he says if I want it I must just take it. I'm getting a little tired of this attitude because I feel like I'm constantly the one "doing" things in the relationship, we haven't had sex in over a month. When he goes to the toilet he takes his mobile with him and is in there for ages........ jokingly I thought maybe he was watching porn and jacking off but the joke I think is on me. On his mobile I found pictures of naked women showing their intimate bits and its not porn pics its women he has been online with and there were as many gay porn pics. Am I been crazy to stay with this guy????? I honestly can say that I love him and would very much like for our relationship to work but at what cost I'm not sure. Why does a guy have gay porn pics? Does this make him a closet bisexual/gay???? Am I just provided a comfy place for him to stay while he carries out his deviant ways??? I know I must sound like a rambling fool but I'm so freaking confused, I don't want to make the wrong decision as to whether I should end this relationship now before I get too attached or should I brave the waters??


Wow! He does sound like a jerk. You need to communicate this with him asap! If he doesn't give a damn about your feelings, do you really want him as your boyfriend? Do you REALLY want that jerk living with you? Have some self respect. Regain your dignity. There are plenty of straight men our there who would LOVE a straight woman who initiates sex. Do not waste your time with this freeloader.