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My Boyfriend will not make out with me!
all of his friends text me saying do it
you dont plan it!
but i want to!
ADVISE!! >:(



You want to but he doesn't? Why can't you accept that?

You shouldn't ask him to do something that he doesn't want to do. It would be like him asking you to do things that you may not want to do.

I suspect he might be a little nervous. He may also respect you too much to do this. Give him some time. When he's ready, he'll make out with you.

Ignore your friends or his friends. You both need to make this decision, without any pressure!


First thing is first. How old are you and how old is he? He clearly has some issues with making out with you. How long are you together?
To find the root problem here you will have to talk to him directly about this. If he didn’t do this ever before he might be frighten that he will do something wrong. You have to understand that there is a relationship between you and him, and not with the friends that you mentioned. He might be afraid of what you tell your friends. He needs to trust you in order for him to do this.
My suggestion is try not to push him too much, that can only make the situation worse.