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I have lived in my double wide home for 16 years it only has dirt under it. About 6 years we had a really wet spring & summer my house got a really strong musty smell to it. I bought this stuff off the Internet that you spray on the mold and it's suppose to kill the mold spores which must have worked because it got rid of the smell. The problem is the last 2 years I can smell this almost chemical smell that I can't stand it worse after rain. Now I have been getting these really bad headaches to the point that I can't even fuction. Now I am on med for my headaches. Any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there

All that dampness, mold and musty area is now giving you the allergy. What you need is a serious revamp of your premises and during that time you must shift to a clean and healthy location - you may need hired help to clean up the premises. Contact a doctor for serious allergies, please. Good luck