Thank you for the information I was really upset when I began to look up the condition.

I never thought of my cats as being insect carriers, one sleeps at the top of my pillow. I don't wear a lot of make up, just eyeliner and I will change shampoo.  Can you please please suggest brands of shampoo and soap? Meanwhile these are my symptoms, I hope it is simply rosacae or a cat caused, I am fanatic about clean towels and sheets. I was face constantly. A description of my condition follows: I was a fashion model, I also sing at benefit concerts, my problem really upsets me. Where I live we have a lot of mold and mildew, I have air filters, vacume , I have a dehumidifier, and I use clorox where I see mold, then rinse it with vinegar. I am a little compulsive but as I presently live in a forest in the mountains, we even have molds growing on walls outside our house, also on the siding of a home my parents moved in. I am from Texas, the mold, the rain, the snow, the mountains, the poison ivy in summer all make this a terrible place for me.

y rash started with a tiny flake of skin at the edge of one eyebrow which would flake off in the morning, I used lotion and it appeared to work during the day, that was two years ago now it is around the entire top of my eyebrow and the other eyebrow, it does not itch, it became worse after I had a reaction to bacitrim antibiotic. Within an hour after the bacitrim I itched all over, turned red as a beet, and suffered tremendously. I was told to take benadryl an over the counter antihistimine which is also given to people who have bee stings or are stung by an asp, looks like a catapillar but it gray. The benadryl worked immediately,curing the itch, but now I have residual red spots on my forehead, it resembles acne but it is not acne. I never even had breakouts as a teenager. I have used NEOSPORIN cream but will try the yogurt. Some have suggested yeast infections follow treatment with antibiotics, so maybe monistat and a can of beer, which I do not like at all. Also my eyes sting like crazy when they water, the tears sting a lot, painfully so. My condition seems closely related to visits to the dentist, not just one but many due to referrals, my oral surgery is ongoing spread between visits to plane my teeth. I have been seeing dentist or different surgeons since September at least twice a month, it is now January. I have three more visits to go. I am sick of seeing doctors and dentist, the past three years have been so stressful I can't believe I haven't had a heart attack, three family members each required multiple surgeries for life threatening conditions, thus sleep deprivation while caring at home for post op bed patients. Anyone out there have an idea my dental is pay as you go, and I can't find a dermatologist willing to take new patients. Have you had any information you can share. 

This is the first thing I have ever written using the word "I" so many times.

Last year I was asked to be the patient advocate for a man with psoriasis, after studying his condition, which is not contagious I learned a little about the skin, If I find a dermatologis what tests could I request. Please help.  

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