My husband started having this problem a month ago. Just under his eyes would get dark red and puffy then start to wrinkle and flake. 

I’m a Nurse and I’m so sorry to all the people who are going though this. And I am more sorry that no one seems to be able to help. 

The reason I think is that several different people are having unrelated illnesses that are presenting with the same or similar symptoms so when something works for someone it doesn’t work for others. If you don’t have dandruff then the shampoo isn’t going to help you. If you don’t normally have severe allergies than sinus and allergy medication won’t help.    

The cause for my husband was autoimmune. He has no other problems, totally healthy. With autoimmune diseases it will disappear and reoccur at random times and is worsened by stress, direct sunlight and sometimes some food. 

It was hard to accept that he had an autoimmune disease that did nothing but irritate his under eye area, but it was true. We are not a hippy house and use actual scientific based medicine rather than ‘spirit healing’ or other do nothing advice. 

When you get a flare up the are 1 of 3 ways to clear it up. Use whichever one works best for you. I’m sorry to say that there is no easy cure and that changing your shampoo will not get rid of it. This is a permanent condition. It’s small and annoying and you are very lucky that it is not and autoimmune disease that is systemic like Lupus (although lupus patients get a similar but much bigger rash under the eyes) 

The good news is this is a very mild autoimmune reaction and not a full autoimmune disease. When treated it goes away quickly, usually within a day. 

Option 1: Cipro 500mg twice daily. 

This is an antibiotic that works very well. It’s not the main function of the drug but it seem to tell your system to stop attacking itself. Usually 2 days is enough though to get rid of the symptoms. A first treatment may require 10 days. 


Option 2: Fluconazole 1 pill daily for 3 days. 

This is an antifungal medication that also seems to work well at telling your immune system to stop attacking itself. 


Option 3: prednisone. 50mg 1-3 days

Prednisone is a mild steroid that has the side effect of suppressing your immune system. 


These are all prescription drugs. Your doctor can prescribe them or they can be purchased online. It’s a good idea to keep what ever one works best for you on hand so that as soon as something starts to flare up you can stop the autoimmune cascade. 

Also a regular NSAID like Advil will usually help with the symptoms, but is not strong enough by itself.