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Good day all,

Now, I want to know as much as you can tell me about this pure slim weight loss. I found a lot of good reviews but I also have found that this diet is a scam. My sister in law wants to follow it, and she knows that I discuss about diet programs and pills here, so she asked me to ask you what do you know about it. Is this one really a scam?

I know a couple of people who tried pure slim, they are OK with it and pure slim 1000 requires a drastic cut in caloric intake, and that is what will make the diet hard to follow.

So, tell me what do you think?

Enjoy your weekend! 


Good day to you too,

Well darling, Pure Slim 1000 is a product that is created by the company known as Pure Slim. The main problem is that they provide a little information about themselves, and you can find something online. But just on their official website. I am sure that you will not find anything about this diet as a scam on their web site, but you can search a lot of things on some forums.

I know that my neighbor Tina was using Pure Slim 3 years ago. She lost a little pounds, and she told me that she is not happy with it. But, she told me that this one is not a scam as well. You can lose your pounds if you are determined to eat less and to drink Pure slim each day. That is the only recipe I know.

Good luck with it!




Good morning everyone,

Thank you for this review. Now, I can tell her about that. She has a friend and she lost 17 pounds in one year thanks to pure slim, but she told her that she is pretty happy about whole situation. I don’t know, it seems that really every one of us has a different opinion about some product. I think that we all should try it if we are capable of doing that.

I have heard that this pure slim is really great, but now I know that it can’t work for some people. Who knows :)

Anyway, thank you for your review and experience.

Have a nice holidays!