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 Hello everyone.

My oldest daughter has been having problems with obesity ever since she stopped playing tennis. I guess her body was used to the intense physical activity and then when she suddenly stopped with it, it was a shock for her body. She gained about 20 pounds in only a month.

And now, she is still gaining approximately 3-4 pounds per month even though we take good care of her eating habits.

My sister suggested I should buy her Xyngular. I am still considering that.

Do you know is this product really good or it’s just another weight loss scam?


I’m afraid so. My ex. roommate used a product from this company and he was not satisfied. He lost 4 pounds in a month. He really had his hopes high for this product and even though he won’t admit it, I think he really believed this time he is gonna lose all of his extra pounds.

I think that maybe his results would have been better if he wanted to exercise or follow some diet program, but he is just too lazy for that.

So I wouldn’t say it is a scam, but I wouldn’t say it is very effective either.



I don’t think it is a scam. And Sam I_am, of course his results would have been better if he wanted to exercise daily.

I am planning to start using one of their products myself. I still haven’t decided which one. I like that there are so many choices. They have all kinds of weight loss products so you can choose the one that needs to be mixed with water, the one that has a form of a capsule, there is also that sprinkle powder Cheat which I hear is awesome.

Even though I haven’t tried it yet, I really believe it is not a scam.



Yeah, it is a scam.

And Mad_Hatter, Cheat sprinkle powder? Really? You must be kidding me.

Cheat is the powder that people use for weight loss and it is supposed to allow them to eat whatever they want but without having to suffer the consequences of all those foods (consequences being unwanted calories, fat, and carbs) in their body.

(Yeah, and it probably  functions in a way that a fairy comes and cleans their body from all the fat and carbs). I mean common! Be realistic people. There is no such a product that allows you to eat anything you want and still remain healthy and slim. It’s a scam.