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I am a 24yr old male. I have a severe problem not being able to masturbate "conventionally" and have been using a pillow to gain orgasm for over ten years now. I have tried several times to use my hand but end up spending upto 45 mins just stimulating my penis but not getting an orgasm.. as soon as I get the pillow and lay on it with my hands beneath the pillow applying gentle pressure on my penis, I do this without having to get nude and I can be done in five or ten mins sometimes depending how turned on I am. Is this a worry? I feel I am addicted to practicing this daily. When it comes to sex I can do it for ages without loosing erection but for an orgasm I place my penis between the girs legs with my hand beneath her bum using the same technique as the pillow. I am concerned if this may be something to be worried about? is it a serious problem?


Hi Mog,

I don't see any issues.  Not everyone masturbates the "conventional" way, who decides what is conventional anyways?  You are "fully functional" and know how to bring yourself to orgasm.

Don't compare yourself to anyone else.  Just enjoy.  

Good luck.