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Out of the clear blue I have developed what my md said is Tennis Elbow.
My doctor prescribed MedPak and Voltaren. I suffer from other medical conditions and really do not want to take these meds on top of what I already am taking.
Anyone have a home remedy? This is very painful and I can't use my arm or hand without severe shooting pain! I have been using a heating pad. Unfortunately it is not helping much. Am I going to have to break down and take these meds?
Any suggestions would be great.


I can understand not wanting to take the meds on top of others. Here's what you can do:

1. Of course, rest it as much as possible until the injury subsides.
2. Ice the area.
3. Use a compress.
4. Elevate the area. This will reduce swelling and speed healing.
5. Stretch the area. Bring your arm straight out. Turn your palm up. Stretch your hand down. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Turn your palm down. Stretch your hand down. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Focus on the muscles gradually relaxing into the stretch. Repeat at least twice a day. Stretch only to what's comfortable.
6. Strengthen the area. Put a rubber band over your fingers, near the fingernails. Stretch the rubber band out.
7. Take care not to reinjure the area, which is common.